Water Damage

Phone having water poured on it and needing a water damage repair
Fix your Water Damage today. Check out our prices


All Prices Include Parts and Labour. Taxes additional


We fix liquid damage on most phones!


How much does it cost?

We charge a $20 fee upfront for supplies and labour. If we can fix your phone it is an additional $60 (if we can’t fix it there are no additional fees)

If any additional parts are needed (ex. speaker, keypad, etc.) they would be on top of the $80 total however we never install any parts without your approval.


All liquid repairs take Roughly 7 Days

(No we can’t do it faster, this is how long a proper water repair takes to ensure it lasts and is done properly!)


How do we fix it?

-We disassemble every part of the phone and place them in our one of a kind patented machine for 24 hours that removes hidden corrosion and prevents further corrosion for up to 100 years! We then put the phone back together and start working on any issues it may have.

-We have a very high success rate however due to the sensitive nature of electronics and the circumstances surrounding it getting wet some are not able to be fixed. If for some reason we are unable to repair the phone you can pick the phone up if you choose or we will recycle it.

**Please note – there is NOT a fast way of fixing water damage, it takes a few days to be done properly as we go through every single component on the circuit board and treat it for corrosion to ensure it lasts the life of the phone!**