We Guarantee all our Repairs with a
1 Year Warranty

We standby our repairs and will replace or refund your money if the parts we install fail

VanCell mobile cell phone repairs Warranty

We only use brand new, original parts from the manufacturer. This ensures all our repairs have the highest quality standards around. We believe if your going to spend money to fix your expensive phone it should be repaired with the same quality parts it came with!

If any issue occurs within the 365 day warranty period, simply bring the phone into VanCell and if the issue is related to the repair that took place, VanCell will conduct repairs and replace the defective parts free of charge. If the phone is deemed unrepairable, VanCell will refund you the money spent to repair the phone. 

Phone must be returned to original location repair was done at. This warranty does not include general wear and tear/misuse of the phone or accidental damage. This warranty only covers parts installed by VanCell and is void if the parts have been tampered with or damaged due to the phone being taken apart by someone other than us. We are in no way responsible for any issues that are not associated with the repair completed.

If the issue not related to the previous repair, a new estimate will be provided for your consideration before repairs commence.