3 Tips For Dealing With Phone Battery Issues

Phone with low battery charging

3 Tips For Dealing With Phone Battery Issues

You need to get that Uber headed your way to get home late at night, but there’s a problem – your cell phone battery has already called it a night. If you’ve brought a charger and have access to a quick supply of electricity, you’re in luck. If not… well, that’s a real problem.

Unfortunately, batteries drain, and no matter how well-made, are going to have a lifespan that you need to measure by the number of charge cycles. Typically, that is somewhere in the area of roughly 500 cycles before the battery’s charge quality begins to degrade and decline. In other words, after that 500th charge, you may see that the phone’s power supply is not lasting as long as you’ve grown accustomed to, but you can take steps to keep things operating optimally.

What to Do About the Battery


If the average phone user has a single charge cycle per day, it means a phone that is around 1.4 years in age is going to need a bit of attention if each charge is going to last as expected. There are three simple things to do:

• Invest in a high-quality charging cable as this plays a significant role in any battery’s life span
• Keep the phone away from extremes of heat and cold. Don’t ever leave a phone out in the sun, but also don’t toss it into a freezing cold car overnight as both extremes heavily tax the battery
• Never expose the phone to moisture or liquid

There are quite a few other steps that phone owners can take, however, beyond these apparent options.

3 Ways to Improve Cell Battery Life


Most phone owners already know those three tips above, but there are several more and three of the most useful include:

1. Uninstall Apps – If you don’t use apps on your phone, eliminate them. Doing so removes the data associated with them. NOTE: Install only premium versions of apps, too. Why? The freebies are full of ads that most definitely consume battery life!

2. Don’t Manually Close Apps – Experts at both Google and Apple have determined that manually closing apps can slightly reduce battery life and that it may be better to leave your most common apps open

3. Go to Airplane Mode – If in an area with a low signal, it may be better to switch the phone into Airplane Mode and using only Wi-Fi (when available). Doing this prevents the phone from burning through power while trying to connect to the low-signal. On the backside of this, though, disabling Wi-Fi does not spare any battery life since a phone is going to consume much less energy connecting to Wi-Fi. You can also use Airplane Mode at night, and especially if you’re somewhere without your charger!

Don’t forget to shut off notifications, eliminate any widgets from a home screen, disabling apps that can open the home screen, turn off app location features, and turn off GPS if you’re not using it to help keep batteries charged.

And when none of these things seem to help, but you know your battery should still have plenty of zing, get in touch with the team at VanCell to have the device diagnosed and your charging problems eliminated.