VanCell Now Replacing iPhone Glass Backs

iPhone Broken Back Glass Repair

VanCell Now Replacing iPhone Glass Backs

Vancouver’s Oldest Phone Repair Store Is Now Replacing Phone Glass Backs

To add just another job on top of all we do here at VanCell, we now offer phone back glass repairs with extreme efficiency and speed. This is all thanks to our latest investment, an OC Laser Machine. This will allow us to have some of the fastest repairs in Vancouver at unbeatable prices.

Why Are Back Glass Repairs A Big Deal?

Up until recently, replacing the glass backs on phone (specifically iPhones) was an incredibly tedious and potentially dangerous job for any cell phone repair store. Since the glass is secured to the frame with such a strong adhesive, it wasn’t as simple as popping the old back off and the new one on, it involved repeatedly heating up the phone to soften the adhesive and then chip away at the glass bit by bit. All this repeated heating up of the phone brought the risk of overheating the phone and causing damage to some of the internal components which could brick the entire phone, not ideal when our phones are essentially extensions of our arm these days. The reason these glass backs are becoming more and more common is due to the shift to ‘contactless’ technologies such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Compass Card, etc. that allow a user to tap their phone off another and have an action occur. The main reason phones are shifting to glass backs is to try integrate the ability for a phone to charge wirelessly. With the likes of iPhones, the aluminum frames that Apple once used for their phones blocked part of the signal from NFC which stopped the phone from being able to charge wirelessly. This NFC technology is what allows a phone to charge wirelessly, for you to pay with your phone instead of a card and use your phone for public transport and every year, more and more phones are implementing NFC and so forth, using glass back on their phones.


What Do These Glass Backs Mean For Your Phone?

While there is a number of advantages that come with these glass backs, there is a downside. What going to smash easier, an aluminum frame or a sheet of glass? If you guessed the aluminum frame, you guessed wrong. We all know how easy it is for your phone to slip from your hands while rushing around, for it to slide off the couch just as you go to standup or how easy it can be for the kids to get their uncoordinated little hands on them. All of these things can very easily lead to a shattered screen or broken LCD but with these new glass backs, a whole new risk comes with them. As mentioned above, this use to be a difficult and dangerous job for any cell phone technician but here at VanCell, we decided to up our game and invest in the newest and most efficient way to do this type of repair, enter the OC Laser Machine.


VanCells Latest Toy, The OC Laser Machine

Rather than reheating a phone over and over again, our new laser machine penetrates the broken glass of the iPhone and zaps the glue binding it to the frame, getting rid of the risk of damaging the phone due to overheating. Using a preset layout, the laser quickly runs across the back of the phone, ensuring to avoid any openings in the frame where the laser could hit something inside the phone, to make removing the shattered back glass as painless as possible. With this technique and this new machine, we guarantee one of the cleanest and most efficient repairs in Vancouver. Not only does this laser machine make the job a lot easier, but it makes for an incredibly fast repair also. Whereas the reheat and chip method could take 1-2 hour to remove the back alone, now thanks to this advanced piece of tech removing a broken glass back takes 20-30 minutes which means the customer, AKA you, gets your phone fixed and back in your hands faster than most repair stores around.


Laser Engraving on Phones and Cases

Now while the main purpose for this OC Laser Machine is to remove and replace iPhone glass backs, it’s not the only thing it can do. If you watched the video at the top of this post, you will notice that this machine can also be used to engrave logos, writing or images onto a surface also. In the context of phones, it can laser an image or logo onto the back of a phone case and in some cases, onto the back of the phone itself. Want promotional items for you brand, your favorite icon on your phone case or an exclusive case for yourself and members of a group your part of? Laser your names, brand, slogan, images and more onto the back of some phones cases to make your phone  that little bit more exclusive.


Vancouvers All-In-One Phone Repair Store

No matter what the issue, the phone accessory, or the phone itself, we have it all. From broken phone screens to broken phones backs, used iPhones and Android at very reasonable prices,  chargers, cases, wireless charging pads and even phone sanitization stations, we have it all. VanCell is one of Vancouver’s oldest repair store with good reason, we strive for nothing but the finest of quality phone repairs using all OEM parts to ensure that your phone is given its best chance at lasting that bit longer for you. While this new machine will mostly be used for iPhone back glass repairs, it’s just an example of the commitment we have to give you the best phone repair in Vancouver possible.