6 Reasons To Opt For A Used Phone

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6 Reasons To Opt For A Used Phone

Technology is changing how the world functions. With more and more hardware and software advancements every day, consumers’ buying patterns are actively shifting. Today, we try to educate you on the benefits of buying a used phone from trusted dealers such as VanCell.

With the rise of personal computing devices, the world has seen a rise in technological consumption that has led to an unforeseen environmental impact. The rise of environmental awareness has given way to people adopting many environmentally friendly practices; however, there is one practice that has eluded a lot of people.

That is, opting to buy used electronic products.

Apart from being cheaper, refurbished phones have a positive ecological impact. A refurbished phone not only saves money but also helps protect the environment. How do you ask? Let’s dive into it!

1. Lowers Electronic Waste

Ever wondered what happens to discarded electronic products? The constant production of electronic products and the subsequent discarding results in a lot of waste. Since recycling electronic waste is almost always not an option, it ends up in landfills.

Buying used phones put an end to the cycle, and products like refurbished phones find a new owner, thus increasing their overall lifecycle. The refurbished ecological impact is much less than if we were throwing away every old phone.

2. Reduces Energy Consumption

Just think about the amount of time, energy, and labor that goes into producing a new electronic product. The pollutants and energy generated are hard to comprehend due to the sheer volume of products manufactured on a daily basis due to the high demand.

All of this has a lasting impact on the consumption of limited resources that are currently available on this planet.

However, when one buys a used phone, they contribute to reducing energy consumption that would otherwise go to creating a brand-new product from scratch. By purchasing a refurbished phone, one breathes life into what is presumed to be “waste” when it’s not. Refurbished phones usually have minor technical glitches that are corrected and only sold after rigorous testing.

Thus, consumers are purchasing a quality product at a cheaper economical and environmental cost.

3. Reduces Toxic Seepage

A computer can contain a lot of toxic components. When these find their way into the landfill, they tend to contaminate either the soil or water bodies. These toxins are primarily responsible for severe diseases like cancer. Loose regulations on landfills and improper waste disposal have a huge environmental impact that is easily avoided by purchasing a refurbished phone.

4. Better Than Recycling

It is “reduce, reuse, and recycle” for a reason. Although recycling is said to be good for the environment, it too consumes a lot of energy, especially when it comes to electronic products.

Not only does recycling consume a lot of energy, but it also tends to be highly inefficient for electronic products. Even with recycling, there is considerable waste generation as many electronic parts cannot be recycled.

The first step in creating a positive environmental impact is to reuse and then reduce, both of which are done when one uses a refurbished phone.

5. Less Demand For Raw Materials

Most of the raw materials used in producing electronic products are difficult to source. It also requires extensive mining and digging deep into the earth. The carbon footprint that’s generated from transporting these materials from the source to the manufacturing factories is also high. There’s also the question of using unethical mining practices such as employing child labor and inhumane working conditions that come with buying a brand new electronic product.

All of this can be significantly reduced when one buys a used phone. From a reduced carbon footprint to ethical and ecological impact, the benefits of buying a refurbished phone outweigh the benefits of buying a brand new electronic product.

6. Reduced Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint generated from manufacturing a phone from scratch is quite high. By the time a brand-new mobile phone reaches the consumer, it’s done more than it’s a fair share of harm to the environment both directly and indirectly.

By choosing to use a refurbished phone, you’re basically resetting the lifecycle of a product, thus saving a perfectly working product from ending up in the landfill.

Using a refurbished phone resets the clock and cuts in half the environmental impact that one electronic product has. Reducing one’s carbon footprint is a necessary step in leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle in today’s digital world.

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