Top Causes for Android Battery Drain

Top Causes for Android Battery Drain

Android phones capture a majority of the world market, but they usually suffer due to their android phone’s battery draining too fast or we call it “Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome”. This is a situation where your phone’s battery suddenly drains for no reason.

We are here to help you identify the most common android phone’s battery draining bugs in your Android phone. This blog includes a solution for the most common problem for all android phones i.e., battery drainage issues for Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola and Sony.

Now let’s talk about the solutions before your mobile screens turn off!

5 Reasons why your android phone’s battery is draining too fast:

  1. Overpowering Screen
  2. Spotty service – the silent killer
  3. The background Apps
  4. Age of your phone
  5. Other battery issue and tips

1. Overpowering Screen

The screen is considered are the biggest battery draining hog since smartphone technology came into existence. The smartphone displays keep getting bigger, better and colourful. In 2021, the technology got one step ahead where top-notch companies introduced foldable phones and detachable dual screens phones too. These new improvements also require more power from the battery thereby consuming the battery faster.

Steps to check battery usage:

Open your phone Settings app > In the search bar type “battery” and select Battery > Toggle the three dots in the menu at the top-right corner  > Select Battery Usage > Open the full device usage.

Look for the battery usage and in most cases, you will see that screen will take the top two places. If that’s the case, then follow the below mentioned tips to lower your screen battery consumption:

  • Toggle down your screen brightness: This means your lower screen brightness will help your phone to save your phones battery.
  • Use auto–brightness adaptive settings:  We suggest to keep your phone to auto-brightness and your phone will automatically adjust to the environment brightness and thereby saving your phones battery excessive usage.
  • Using simple wallpapers: If your phones battery is still draining too fast then try using simple wallpapers instead of bright colour ones which is the most efficient way to save your battery life.
  • Reduce your screens refresh rates: Some devices have higher refreshing rates and that often consumes a lot of battery, you can customise this in the Settings app.

2. Spotty Service – the silent killer

Places with low reception are also places where the phones silently kills your phone battery,  Wonder How?

This is annoying when you’re unable to access your internet and neither will you be able to make any calls. The cell phone constantly tries to communicate with the nearby towers. Sometimes your phone tries to get connected to the tower so hard that it ends up getting hot which ends up consuming your android phones battery.

If you are working in a bad reception area and you usually struggle while making calls then chances are your phones battery might run out of battery quickly.

And now the million-dollar question; How to improve the signal to reduce the battery drainage:

  • Switch carrier: Switching Carriers to reliability is dependent on area, city and nearby location. This will enable you to build a constant connection at all times. If you’re facing a regular network issue with your service provider then try porting your number to a different service provider.
  • Airplane mode: The Airplane mode feature will force your device antenna to take a break and turn off all the connectivity. This will also reduce your phones battery power usage. You can also do this strategically when you are in places you know have bad connectivity.

3. The Background Apps

Another reason why your android phones battery drain too fast is due to the background applications running. The obvious ones can be your cell phones local browser, YouTube, Netflix, games and other streaming services. To save battery in your android phone avoid playing games as they huge battery hogs, especially when you are a big gaming freak with high-end graphics.

Apps running in your background will kill the battery without any active usage. An application like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp are the common ones. These app running in the background require constant data usage, pulling your location, sending a notification and more. Even, if you’re not actively using your phone and these settings are working in the background it will still consume your phones battery.

 How to fix this issue:

  • Minimize your app downloads: To reduce your phones battery consumption it is suggested to fill your 25% apps only and delete the unwanted applications. Meanwhile, these apps are working in the background consuming your phones battery.
  • Stop the apps running in the background: If you are working on multiple apps then your phone may drain your phones battery quickly. It is suggested that you should force stop the running application in your background or may limit its background app usage.

Go to Settings app > Apps & notifications > Select the app > Advanced > Background restriction > Restrict.

Please note: This is put the apps to sleep when not in use.

4. Age of your phone

How old is your phone? If you have an old phone and especially when your phones battery has never been replaced, then your phone might give you a hard time. Android phones start losing their performance with time. Age is the primary reason for your phone’s battery performance. However, this does not mean your phone cannot be fixed.

How to fix it

There are mainly two things to consider here

  • Buy a new phone: It may sound a little depressing but once your phones battery gets too old your phone is not efficient enough and even the technology gets a little old.
  • Change the battery: If budget is an issue for you then try getting your battery replaced that will last your phone for another few years. If you carry a phone with a non-removable battery, then you may need a technical expert to help you out with this. You can get in touch with one of the VanCell experts to get it done.

5. Other battery issues and tips

  • Wi-Fi, Location, Mobile Data and Bluetooth: We usually leave these antenna on at all times, but it is very seldom that we put them to work. They use very little battery of your phone but turn them off when not in use to save your phone from battery drainage.
  • Camera: Clicking photos and making videos take an ample amount of battery and your phone often get drained while using these. It is suggested that if your battery is running low (less than 50%) avoid taking photos and videos and put your phone to Dark Mode to save your phone’s battery.

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