The Price of Fixing Your Phone and the Quality of the Repair

The Price of Fixing Your Phone and the Quality of the Repair

The Price of Fixing Your Phone and the Quality of the Repair

We figured its time to write about the cost of fixing your phone. We get dozens of calls per day and the number one trend we see is people asking how much to fix my phone. This ordinarily would be a normal question and one you would assume anybody would ask however it seems that a lot of people are just looking for the cheapest repair. As with most things in life cheap is not better.

Lets break this down in simple terms. You call a guy who says he can fix your iPhone 6 screen for $100. Everywhere else you call is $150 or higher. You go to this cheap guys because who cares right, you just want your phone fixed. Well at best he uses a low quality screen, at worst your phone stops working or develops other issues. You say I didn’t know different screens exist, well trust me 90% of the people out there do this. How do we know? Well the cost of the OEM screen itself is higher than they are charging so that leaves us with either they are losing money on every repair (not likely!) or its a cheap screen.  So you get this $100 screen with low resolution and a thin piece of glass among other things. You break it again or can’t handle the annoying issues it has like poor touch screen, etc. and go get another one somewhere else. But this time you don’t go with the $100 guy, you go to the $150 one with real genuine parts like us. So now your in it for $250 and hopefully everything works. Looking back if you would have just got the proper screen the first time you could have saved some money!

GOOD NEWS: There are more places to get your cell phone or tablet fixed!

BAD NEWS: There are more places to get your cell phone or tablet fixed!!

In fact, the repair industry is over a $1.5 billion industry and has grown to employ thousands of people according to IBISWorld. That is great! And VanCell is proud to be a part of such a dynamic and quickly growing industry that has provided new opportunities to so many people – like us!

Unfortunately, it has also allowed a lot of people who shouldn’t be fixing phones & tablets the opportunity to do so. It seems like nowadays all you need to do is post an ad online, find some cheap retail space in a closing mall or work out of the back of a laundromat (No lie, I know of two local laundromats who have cell phone repair shops) to fix someones phone.

So while we would love to have you as a customer at VanCell (more than 8 years in business with two area locations, using high quality parts and certified techs). We would love it even more if you didn’t end up in a shop that could cause more bad news when you were looking for good news. Here are things you should watch out for when choosing a repair shop for your broken cell phone or tablet:
BEWARE cheap prices for repair!
It could cost you more in the long run or cause more issues with your phone!

BEWARE shops that sell phones & service too!
Do they really want to fix your phone or sell you a new one?! Just make sure you get what you want not what they want!

BEWARE inexperienced repair techs!
They could make your device worse – a lot worse!

BEWARE Strangers who come to your home or work!
If something goes wrong will they come back – are you sure?!

Don’t be fooled by other shops, amateurs in the mall or strangers who come to your house/work. Not all repair shops are equal. Some are fantastic, others…. VanCell has served the Vancouver area longer than all of them. Our professional shops have highly trained techs on duty to serve you and get your device repaired quickly. We are not just iPhone repair, we can repair your broken Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, Huawei, Motorola, Alcatel, iPad and more! We use ONLY the highest quality BRAND NEW parts – many others use low quality used parts that are much more likely to break again. Our prices INCLUDE the fastest possible service to get your device repaired and back into your hands.

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  1. We get many calls every day and the main pattern we see is individuals requesting that how much fix my telephone. This customarily would be an ordinary inquiry and one you would expect anyone would ask anyway it appears that many individuals are simply searching for the least expensive fix.

  2. With so many repairing stores, It’s difficult to choose a better shop for your device. There are too many shops, provides cheap services, but their services are shoddy. So, it’s a good practice to go into the shop and see how they do their job. You can see whether they are well equipped and have the facilities that are required to do quality work. You also need to ensure if they have the right people for the right job. Checking in to see the equipment and craftsmanship of repairs can help out greatly when choosing the shop you want to do business with. Most importantly, you also need to ensure if they have the epos system, so they could manage the workload, and avoid any delay in serving you.

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